Janero Consultancy GmbH



The JANERO Consultancy offers a broad range of training activities annually. These international seminars have attracted several participants from all over Europe, making JANERO one of Europe's aspiring African Diaspora training providers on European programmes. To transfer some of these activities to Africa, JANERO holds professional training courses in selected African countries.

JANERO’s development and management staff experience in Modern Technology projects in Africa, as well as developing EU projects, and the in-depth knowledge of EU-African policies, are the main assets of the course series.

Choose from popular seminars including Project Development & management training, courses, manufacturing courses, human resource management courses, and business & finance courses.

These are just some of the insightful seminar topics JANERO has to offer.

Register today and allow our expert faculty to make your learning experience enjoyable as well as rewarding.

Target Group

  • Senior Managers, Middle Managers, and all other levels of staff;
  • New or aspiring entrepreneurs;
  • Small or medium-sized business owners who wish to learn practical business management skills;
  • Experts and students;
  • Young entrepreneurs, vocational school graduates and university graduates who aspire to become business owners; and
  • NGOs and Civil society organisations.