Janero Consultancy GmbH



Diesel D2, Mazut M100, Jet Fuel (JP54/JA1), Crude Oil (REBCO) LPG & LNG, and other Energy Commodities

JANERO has now grown to a global fuel company due to our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work which ensures that we are able to satisfy our customers with high quality products and services.

We have access to a large customer base for our petroleum products and services. The quality we provide our customers and our pricing is unbeatable. We also ensure that we always deliver our products on time. Your primary source for reliable importers and exporters of Petroleum products from Russia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Products available include Diesel Crude Oil (REBCO), D2, D6, Jet Fuel (JP54/JA1) and other Energy Commodities. We work in close cooperation with reputable and reliable buyers and suppliers, who can deliver fuel products at competitive prices.

We are a new standard in the export of petroleum products. Our commitment is to maintain the highest ethical standard in our business relationship with our partners that will add value to our clients and suppliers.

Through our network of international Oil contacts, Janero has become a positive force for the purchase and sales of petroleum products and services around the world. Janero has worked as a bridge between countries as Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United States, Panama, China, Brazil and other developed countries worldwide.

Maritime Services

JANERO knows that this business is not only to purchase and sell petroleum products in FOB/CIF conditions as sometimes clients have trouble finding vessels, logistics and other situations that need professional performance to find effective solutions to avoid trading deficit. JANERO can assure that these necessities can be covered with responsibilities such as:

  • Maritime transport & logistic
  • Refinery, Storage Tank and Equipment Maintenance
  • Charter Tanker vessel,
  • Logistic cargo for any ASWP Port

We provide robust services offering industry standards, regulatory guidelines, techniques and policy.