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  1. Solar Home Systems
  2. Solar Park (Community Power Supply)
  3. Grid connected solar systems
  4. Solar Streetlights with Security and Camera Systems
  5. Backup Systems
  6. Battery Backup Solutions


Solar Home Systems

Solar home systems are small solar systems provide energy access to private users and small businesses independently from the public grid. Solar home systems can be designed as AC- or DC-Systems. DC-Solar Home Systems consist of one or more solar modules, a charge controller and a battery and power DC-consumers, while AC-Solar Home Systems include an inverter and power AC-consumers.

We install the most powerful battery that has a high storage capacity and low energy loss. It performs for a longer period of time and requires low maintenance cost. It is easy to install and our engineers can do it in the best possible way.

Our Solar Home Systems provides electricity to consumers such as bulbs, radios, TVs, fans and refrigerators. Also urban homes facing electricity supply from the grid can have this home solution based on your needs.

The JanSol Systems designs, delivers and installs Solar Home Systems. We can offer various possible Home Lighting Systems to satisfy your needs


  • Greater user satisfaction
  • Save up to 80% on electricity bills
  • Silent operation and power for any location.
  • Greater use of the solar array energy


  • Multi-level overload protection
  • Electronic overload protection avoiding blowing of fuse except in reverse battery
  • Temperature compensation for better battery charging for various climate and terrain
  • Short circuit protection on load side

Solar Park (Community Power Supply)

Many people living in remote areas in Africa do not have access to the public electricity grid. Due to the high costs going along with the extension of the public grid these people will hardly ever be connected to the public grid.

Solar Park Community power supply systems are the only possibility for communities to receive a reliable, cost effective and sustainable provision of electricity.

A Solar Park power system forms a micro grid among a defined area without any connection to the public grid. This micro grid delivers three phase AC power with 230V to the different private houses, schools, clinics or businesses in the village. If the energy demands in the community increases, solar community power supply systems are extendable at any time. There is no difference for the community population between the energy supply by a solar community power supply and the public grid. All electric consumers such can be used just as if the Community was connected to the public grid.

The JanSol Systems engineering team is very experienced in the planning and sizing of micro grids for Community power supplies and has installed some of the first solar micro grids in Africa.

Grid connected solar systems

A grid connected solar system allows you to use the electricity grid when the solar system is not generating enough electricity to satisfy the demand. The main purpose of this type of solar system is to reduce energy bills.

Grid-injecting solar systems, using feed-in tariffs, inject the energy they are producing into the public electricity grid. The price which the network operator pays per KWh to the owner of the solar system is different in every country and often subsidized by the local government within a feed in tariff. Feed in tarifs exist in most European countries.

In countries where feed-in tariff are not offered, the concept of self-consumption allows the economic operation of solar systems. In this concept, all the energy produced by the solar system is used by the owner of the solar system who in return reduces his energy bill.

Whether you are planning the purchase of a rooftop solar system on your private house, a solar system of 100 KWp or more in an industrial area or even the installation of a MW large scale power plant: We plan, project and install your system at very attractive conditions. JanSol Systems has great experience with grid connected solar systems in Germany as well as in developing markets.

The system is designed to power the load whole day (8-10 hours) from solar. After sun down, it will switch to WAPDA and provide extended hour backup of 3 hours for "full load" which will be stored during the day time. With reasonable load management, this backup can be increased to 4-5 hours.

Model Panel Wattage Load
SOG-500 300 watt 2 fans, 4 lights
SOG-1000 600 watt 4 fans, 8 energy savers
SOG-2000 1.2 KW 2 fans, 4 energy savers, 1 fridge, 1 LCD, 1 PC
SOG-5000 4 KW 2 fans, 4 energy savers, 1 fridge, 1 LCD, 1 PC, 1.5 ton invertor A/C

Solar Streetlights with Security and Camera Systems

Solar street lights with Security and Camera Systems are especially suggestive for streets far away from the public electricity grid. They increase safety and security of motorists, pedestrians and the community at large. Without depending on the public grid, they deliver light throughout the night in a very reliable way.

Solar street lights consist of a battery, one or two solar modules, a charge regulator and a special SOX lamp which delivers very bright light even at 18, 26 or 36 Watts.

JanSol's Systems street lights are reliable, maintenance free, programmable to the specific needs of our clients and pricewise very competitive. All JanSol's streetlights are designed taking into account the specific requirements of your project in your geographic region, such as statics, wind and irradiation.

The JanSol's Systems engineering team, has designed several solar street lights with Security and Camera Systems always optimized for the local climatic conditions of the installation site and adjusted for the specific needs of our clients.

Backup Systems

If energy outages are common in a customer's area, or they have critical power needs such as sensitive computer systems or refrigerated items, they may consider a battery back-up system. This works very much like the grid-tie system with the added benefit of backup power in the event the utility loses power. The transition to battery power is virtually seamless. Computers will not shut down during the transition which takes only a fraction of a second.

A back-up system is the perfect solution to guarantee constant power supply to your home or business: When power cuts the backup system takes over the energy supply for your house immediately and supplies your electric consumers until the grid power outage is over - you might not even notice that there is a power outage in the public grid. Back-up systems can consist of different energy sources such as solar power, genset power, wind- and battery power.

A good back-up generator should have an in-built auto-start feature .The auto-start feature will kick in when it is detected that there is insufficient power to cope with the load, and/or when it is detected that the charge in battery bank is getting low.

The JanSol's Systems engineering team, has great work experience in designing, delivering and installing customized back-up systems in many African countries. JanSol's Systems designs customized back-up solutions for your specific needs.

Battery Backup Solutions

Renewable Energy Systems can design and install custom battery backup systems for your home or office. We will analyze your power needs and design a system that offers instantaneous and automatic backup in the event of a power outage. The system maintains a full charge at all times that utility power is present and as soon as there is a loss of utility power the system from a full state of charge continues to operate all of your critical loads seamlessly. These systems can be integrated with a variety of charging sources such as solar, wind, fuel cells or micro hydro.