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CRM Architecture
Operational CRM
Analytical CRM
Collaborative CRM
CRM for Non-Profit Organizations

Customer Relations Management - Full Package (all courses)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process or methodology used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviours in order to develop stronger relationships with them. CRM will help a business use technology and human resources to gain insight into the behaviour of customers and the value of those customers.

Target Group: Senior Managers, Middle Managers, and all other levels of staff
Duration: 5 Days
Requirements: Customised for your company
  • Identify factors important to clients
  • Promote a customer-oriented philosophy
  • Adopt customer-based measures
  • Develop end-to-end processes to serve customers
  • Provide successful customer support
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Track all aspects of sales, marketing, technical, benchmarking and day to day processes
  • How to providing continuous access to product information and assistance around the clock to customers
  • Identifying what customers value and devising appropriate service strategies for each customer
  • Providing mechanisms for managing and scheduling follow-up sales calls as follows:
    • Tracking all contacts with a customer
    • Identifying potential problems before they occur
    • Providing a user-friendly mechanism for registering customer complaints
  • Providing a mechanism for handling problems and complaints
  • Providing a mechanism for correcting service deficiencies
  • Data mining in order to target customers selectively
  • Providing mechanisms for managing and scheduling maintenance, repair, and on-going support
Course Language: English
Price: € 5,250

Customer Relations Management Architecture

Target Group: Management and Technical Staff
Duration: 3 Days
Requirements: Basic CRM Understanding
Objectives: Identifying the right architecture for the business
  • Evaluate the Right Architecture: Articulate manner your business meets customer requirements with customer value plan.
  • Management Architecture: Define the skills and proficiency required to differentiate value plan
  • Operational Architecture: Define actions necessary to deliver customer value plan to its customers.
  • Information Architecture: Define information necessary to augment the usefulness and competence of the customer value plan and how to best engage with the customer.
  • Technology Architecture: Define essential means to mine the critical information needed by business and its customers.
Course Language: English
Price: € 2,425

Operational Customer Relations Management

Operational CRM provides automated support to "front office" business processes (sales, marketing and service). Each interaction with a customer is generally included to a customer's history, and staff can retrieve information on customers from the database as necessary.

Target Group: Business Managers
Duration: 3 Days
  • Office Management
  • Data processing
  • Information analyses
  • Customization of your business needs
  • Direct support of the day-to-day needs of customer-facing employees
  • Implementing a seamless set of end-to-end processes (workflow)
Contents: Sales force automation (SFA)
  • SFA automates some of a company's critical sales and sales force management tasks, such as forecasting, sales administration, tracking customer preferences and demographics, performance management, lead management, account management, contact management and quote management.
Customer service and support (CSS)
  • CSS automates certain service requests, complaints, product returns and enquiries.
Enterprise marketing automation (EMA)
  • EMA provides information about the business environment, including information on competitors, industry trends, and macro environmental variables. EMA applications are used to improve marketing efficiency.
Course Language: English
Price: € 2,775

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM analyzes data (gathered as part of operational CRM, or from other sources) in an attempt to identify means to enhance a company's relationship with its clients. The results of an analysis can be used to design targeted marketing campaigns, for example.

Target Group: Business Managers
Duration: 3 Days
  • Customer relations courses or experience
  • Analysis or research experience
Objectives: To help understand the following:
  • Acquiring Cross-selling, up-selling
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Providing timely and regular information to customers
  • Contact optimization
  • Evaluating and improving customer satisfaction
  • Optimizing sales coverage
  • Fraud detection
  • Financial forecasts
  • Price optimization
  • Product development
  • Program evaluation
  • Risk assessment and management
Course Language: English
Price: € 2,775

Collaborative Customer Relations Management

Collaborative CRM focuses on the interaction with customers (personal interaction, letter, fax, phone, Internet, e-mail etc.)

Target Group: All levels of staff
Duration: 2 Days
  • Personnel/ human resources courses
  • Office automation
Objectives: Covering all interaction between business and customers. Allowing businesses to acquire customers provide customer services and retain valued customers.
  • Providing efficient communication with customers across a variety of communications channels
  • Providing online services to reduce customer service costs
  • Providing access to customer information while interacting with customers
Course Language: English
Price: € 2,775