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Date: 30 April - 4 May 2019
Location: Bonn - Germany


About the Africa Investment Seminar 2019: “Public Private Partnership”

To be held together with the African Business Entrepreneurship Network (ABEN) from 30th April – 4th May 2019 in Bonn, Germany; the Seminar will bring together top industry minds, private sector investors and business Executives, to address the most relevant and pressing issues facing Solar Energy Public Private Partnerships between Europe and ECOWAS countries. Participants will be able to network and acquaint themselves with the country, people, political structures, business environment, lifestyle and culture by:

  • Meeting with key investors and the business community in Germany
  • Discovering New Projects
  • Finding out what investment banks and national governments are doing to encourage PPP projects
  • Learning about the solutions to the funding gap
  • Building internal human resource capacity and lasting business relationships with industry and other stakeholders

A Golden evening with an informal Class Dinner to be held on 4th May 2019, will be an excellent opportunity for discussions in particular fields such as Renewable Energy, Industrial & Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Real Estate Development, Banking and Investments, and many more.....!

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The event will take place at the Dilias Conference Hall, Bonn, Reuterstr. 187, 53113 Bonn.

Bonn, officially the Federal City of Bonn, is a city on the banks of the Rhine River in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany with a population of 309,869 within its administrative limits. The city is the second official residence of the President of Germany, the Chancellor of Germany, the Bundesrat, and the first official seat of six German federal ministries. Bonn is located in the very south of the Rhine-Ruhr region, the largest metropolitan area of Germany with over 11 million inhabitants.

Founded in the first century BC as a Roman settlement, Bonn is one of Germany's oldest cities. From 1597 to 1794, Bonn was the capital of the Electorate of Cologne and residence of the Archbishops and Prince-electors of Cologne. In 1949, the Parliamentary Council drafted and adopted the German constitution, the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn. Subsequently, Bonn was the de facto capital of West Germany from 1949 to 1990, whilst Berlin was symbolically named the de jure capital. After the Fall of the Iron Curtain, Bonn remained the seat of government of united Germany from 1990 to 1999. In recognition of this, the former capital holds the one-of-a-kind title of Federal City (Bundesstadt).

The two DAX-listed corporations Deutsche Post DHL and Deutsche Telekom are headquartered in Bonn. Besides, the city is home to 19 United Nations institutions, as well as to the University of Bonn, one of Germany's most reputable institutions of higher learning. Bonn is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven (born 1770).





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